Call for tenders

With many tenders won from major contractors, Agile Water SAS helps you to respond to the calls for tenders

The 25 years of experience of the founders of Agile Water SAS is perhaps the missing link in your project. Our knowledge of the expectations of the principal Clients, the Project Management and the Donors allows us to respond, with your teams, closer to expectations.

Concretely, we can help you in all phases of the project :

  • Choice of Calls for tenders ; review with you the selection criteria and validate together if you are eligible. If not to study possible Joint Ventures with other partners
  • Choice of suppliers: Choose the suppliers corresponding to the specifications, their geographical location, transport logistics, after-sales service, etc.
  • Editing of the Response File : this requires real administrative engineering and in some cases it is necessary to attach schematics of design, assembly, plans


If you are selected

  • Visit factories during the manufacturing phase to validate that everything corresponds to the specifications and deadlines
  • Factory tests : with or without the Project Manager and / or the customer with the implementation of any corrective measures, if necessary
  • In Situ or Factory Training
  • Installation and Getting Started
  • provisional reception
  • Final acceptance
  • Spare parts management
  • ...

Our proposals are imbued with our values, and our solutions are part of a search for sustainability and maximum involvement of local populations and stakeholders.

We have already won invitations to tender with the following institutions :

  • European Union
  • World Bank
  • French Development Agency
  • Asian Development Bank
  • African development bank
  • [...]